Grief-Mind Boggling, But Natural

In each of our lives we share joy, sorrow, achievements, disappointments, moments of enlightenment and confusion as well as every other type of ebb and flow that life has to offer…this is the way life is meant to be.  Whether grief and loss are personal, or has affected someone you know, or the world on a global scale, compassion and service become positive life affirming tools that bring ease, healing and transformation following shock and trauma.

This spring, SQ family member Svetlana Pugach transitioned. Before her passing, Svetlana asked that I share a recording of our conversation, in which she explains what she experienced as she transitioned and came back to this dimension, before deciding that she was ready to leave her physical form.  The attendees at the June 2014 Ireland workshop listened to this recording, as she shared how the teachings served as her greatest instrument during her transition. “I was in a dark place and I did not remember myself . . . and this darkness is sticky and heavy, I was deeply in my own fears and I did not know how to get out…. And then something clicked. These teachings give a structure to the mind and this (structure) holds your mind in a space, so that even if it’s lost, it can find its way.”

Look around you right now and answer these questions…What can you see? A desk, a bed, your cat, trees maybe flowers…are they permanent?  The truth is that nothing is permanent and when we begin to recognize this impermanence as a natural part of life we become open to the gift that grief and loss can bring.

Now, go within and ask yourself how do you prepare for loss, change and death in your life? How do you practice?  What tools do you utilise to prepare a structure that serves you?  One way you may begin is to recognize your feelings by taking care of yourself with great compassion and patience; then get help in the form of teachings and belief systems that comfort you, or professional advice. Take all the time you need and remember that this too shall pass.

Love Love Love