Get a Grip Series Now Available in Print!

Bundle of BooksAll four of the GET A GRIP series of helpful books on individual topics are now available in print! These books offer an all-encompassing and unique range of wisdom on these emotions that make up the fabric of our lives. Order your bundle today!

Pocket-sized, accessible and to-the-point, the GET A GRIP books are easily reached for, taken along, and shared! A great holiday gift for friends and family, the set of four books makes a wonderful gesture towards the human connection of understanding and healing. Order a few sets and spread the joy!

Gift a bundle of all four books to everyone on your list! At a time when more “stuff” is the last thing people need, it is a perfect time to give something that can truly change lives – wisdom that will last a lifetime. A bundle of four will arrive wrapped in a lovely ribbon.

Click here to order your copies today!


“These books have not come about as a result of my training as a therapist, but through some hard-learned lessons that I have experienced myself. This is how I know the path out of limiting beliefs and behaviors that hinder our growth. The tools that I offer in this book have worked not only for me, but also for hundreds, if not thousands, of people. I have shared these ideas in workshops, one-on-one sessions, and on my website. Through observation of myself and others, I have learned to identify the triggers and root causes of disharmony, Most of all, I have come to understand and utilize the best methods to achieve peace and balance again in life; not perfection, but real transformation and harmony that comes with learning who we are and what makes us tick. My 35 years of martial arts study has given me a refined sense of timing for when to strike with the sword to cut away old patterns and beliefs, and when to use the brush to paint the picture in my mind of the life we deserve and can have.

These ‘Get a Grip’ series of books offer tangible, authentic wisdom that will transform not only your life, but create a system for you that can help with all aspects of your life. You’ve made a great choice to invest in yourself by buying this book, or series of books. Let’s change who we are together.”

Derek O’Neill