Finding your heroes, from within and outside

On today’s show, I shared some ideas and tools about how to tap into a wonderful source of support and spark for change – the heroes in your life. There are two types of hero – the person who comes along and helps you understand exactly what it is that you need to achieve your goals, then there’s the inner hero. The inner hero is there when you use your mind, exercising all the knowledge that you have gained through your life’s experiences, to rescue yourself. It is always great to have an outside source but when you go deep, you will find that the inner hero is the one that truly saves you in the long run.

When you are stuck, or ready to take the next quantum leap in your life’s journey, remember – the hero only shows up when you know what the issue is that you need help with. In other words, it is all about focus. When the hero is outside of us, it’s usually somebody who has had similar experiences and can relate to us. When it’s the inner person, we call that “the shadow side.” Your shadow side is always there listening and observing – completely alert all the time, even when you are asleep. No matter what happens to you in your life, you can ask the shadow side “why” and go deeper, discovering answers that will move you forward on your path. That is the inner hero. By talking to your mind, it’s going to begin to release information to you. Treat your mind as your best friend. And remember, to go forward you sometimes have to experience times where you feel as if you’ve gone backwards. Know that you haven’t! In order to jump over anything, you may need to back-up and build speed. Don’t give you up! You are set to take a quantum leap and use all you have learned on your journey to get there.

Check out all this and more on “Zero to Hero” in the show archives on “The Way.” Hope you can join us next week for “Find You, Find Joy!” where we will explore another great topic of personal growth and transformation.