Feeling the pressure to be happy this holiday?


Are you feeling the pressure of “I should feel happy” during the season? Glum about socializing with difficult relatives? Despondent over negative emotions that the celebrations sometimes trigger? When the holiday cheer’s gone missing, and the seasonal joy doesn’t show up on the gift list, it’s time to open the latest book in the GET A GRIP series – DEPRESSION – WHAT’S THAT?

This comprehensive yet compact volume covers the many causes and manifestations of depression, along with strategies for quieting it in your life. Within it’s user-friendly pages, you’ll discover practical insight into one of the most common but misunderstood emotions. With a straightforward, accessible and emphatic voice, DEPRESSION – WHAT’S THAT? is a book that gives you the tools and vision to embark on lasting, profound change in your life. Learning to cope with depression, and knowing when and where to seek help, can help not only you, but others in the world who struggle with unhappiness.


I am delighted to announce that all four of the GET A GRIP series of helpful books on individual topics are now available in print! HAPPINESS – YOU MUST BE EFFIN’ JOKIN’, ANGER – WHO GIVES A SHITE, RELATIONSHIPS – WOULD YOU WANT TO DATE YOU?, and DEPRESSION – WHAT’S THAT? offer an all-encompassing and unique range of wisdom on these emotions that make up the fabric of our lives. Pocket-sized, accessible and to-the-point, the GET A GRIP books are easily reached for, taken along, and shared! A great holiday gift for friends and family, the set of four books makes a wonderful gesture towards the human connection of understanding and healing. Order a few sets and spread the joy!

Derek O’Neill