Fear, A Powerful Illusion

Every event that has ever happened in your life is stored away in the subconscious. Any fears we have regarding events that have transpired in our lives will also be rooted in the subconscious and can be triggered by some event, person or object we encounter, or are afraid we will encounter, in the now.

For example, a woman came to me for therapy that had a fear of feathers. This phobia was so severe that she hadn’t been outside her house for four or five years and to travel in a car she had to cover the windows. During our sessions, I used hypnosis to regress her back thru a timeline process to any earlier traumatic events in her life, and after a few sessions she related the following: one Christmas, when she was five years old, she was playing with her dolls in the living room and her father came in very upset and crying. He told her that her mother who had cancer and had gone to hospital would not be coming home again. As the woman recounted the story, she was reliving it as if it were happening now. She said that her father was holding her and she was looking at the Christmas tree in the corner. When she described the tree, she mentioned an angel on top that had a white dress and its wings were made of feathers. Now it was clear, her subconscious mind was bringing her right back into the trauma of losing her mother every time she saw a feather.

Fears unearthed from the subconscious reveal themselves through the subsequent challenges that manifest in our lives. They can show themselves in our current lives as abuse, addictions, and negative thoughts about ourselves or problems in relationships. Yet on the other side of that fear is a release from it. A release from the powerful illusion of F.E.A.R, or False Evidence Appearing Real. In order to release us from the current challenges we are facing, we need to invite fear in, sit down for a cup of tea with it and get to know it. Fear offers us the extraordinary opportunity to really examine who we are, how we got here and identify what we no longer need so we can let go of it.

Information, teachings and help from professionals can lay the groundwork for self-discovery that will break the grip of fear. I have outlined some steps to overcome fear in my book ‘Fear: A Powerful Illusion’ from the ‘Get a Grip’ Series. Use fear as an opportunity to meet yourself and grow in strength to neutralize events in your life.

Another technique that helps is one I recently introduced called a ‘Red String Healing’.  Begin by identifying a fear you need to resolve then tie the red string around your wrist or ankle for seven days, seven weeks or seven months, it triggers a positive reminder to your subconscious every time you see it that the fear is not real. In my meditations, I send loving thoughts and energy to you to help you overcome what you have asked to move past.

Love Love Love



“My intention during my Red String Healing was to remove my ‘lack’ of abundance, and looking back the block was there since my childhood. I always felt that everyone was entitled to abundance but me; be that clothes, food, money…whatever. I always felt others deserved it more than me. Since completing the red string healing the shift was incredible. I now feel free, more deserving and why not me!”

S.O’L, Ireland

“Currently I am on the sixth month of a seven month Red String Healing program and am amazed at the insights I have had while working with it.  I asked to become fearless in looking at past events and seeing thru to the core issues I was dealing with. It worked thru my chakra system as I experienced healing in body, mind and spirit in oftentimes surprising ways. I thought my physical challenge would be food addiction; it was in fact letting go of my rigidity around what and why I eat and making the focus more on my health.  Emotional aspect of releasing fear was learning to observe my emotions as they came up and reduce my reaction times to events and people.  And so forth through all seven chakras.  

I did not expect the depth the healing went to, the total change in attitude that resulted from it, or that it would stay with me…I have found it to be a permanent release of fears I have dealt with for a long time.

S.S., Ireland