Dream on!

On today’s “The Way” we continued to talk about and analyze dreams. All the great calls and tweets, describing some fascinating dreams, gave me the opportunity to lend some interpretation that I hope you found insightful. If you missed the show, be sure to listen to it in the archives.

We’ll plan to do some more shows on the topic of dreams, as it’s wonderful way to look into what’s going on deep inside us. There are so many symbols and signs in dreams that we can learn from. In the meantime, here are some meanings behind the images in your dreams:

  • Babies: Rebirth and new things in your future.
  • Animals: Your instincts – Is it an aggressive animal? A gentle animal?
  • Avoidance/Blindness: You are avoiding or not seeing something in your life.
  • Trains/Boats: Journeys that are telling you about the course of your life.
  • Airport departure lounge: A new project.
  • Airport arrivals: A birth or a new idea.
  • A narrow road: A narrow state of consciousness.
  • Hairdresser: A change in your thinking.
  • Dentist: Healing your voice and letting go of aggression.
  • A foreign country: Expanding yourself and your horizons.
  • A prison: Repression
  • A football field: The game of life.
  • War/Conflict: You are at war with yourself.
  • Courtroom: Self-judgment.

Looking forward to next week’s show on colors, music, and stories and the role they play in all our lives!