Do you fear your own power?

Each of us has the incredible gift of self-empowerment, but fear often stands in the way of fully embracing and experiencing the strength we inherently possess. There are ways to shake the fear that may be keeping you from self-determination and joy in your life.

What does power mean to you? Looking back on your past, did you perceive a teacher, a parent or other authority figure as more formidable than yourself? Is your fear of power based on your own power, or on someone else’s power? Did you perceive power as something that should be shared, or to bully other people with? What does power look and feel like to you? Is it positive or negative? What is the definition of fear, and how is it connected to self-doubt? Do fear and power feel linked to you?

Fear is really just the lack of faith that you are worthy of happiness and strong at your core. Genuine contentment stems from the knowledge and acceptance that whatever is meant to come your way, does, no matter how hard you try to stop it. The same holds true when we force things that just aren’t meant to be. Embracing your own power means trusting that the universe works on cause and effect. When something arises in life, it’s up to you to empower yourself to either accept it, or reject it, the latter which will only cause pain and fear. It’s not the event, or the person, or the circumstance that’s important – it’s how you react to it all.

For more on this thoughtful and highly relevant topic, you can watch my talk on the subject here.

Join me as I discuss the fear of empowerment, take great questions from the live audience and online viewers, and work with a participant, one-on-one, during the session, giving an example of the great awareness and transformation that can occur when we work through these feelings and hurdles in our lives.

Derek O’Neill