DNA Activation
Mobile App

Get a beautiful set of oracle cards for your mobile phone

DNA Activation Mobile App
The DNA app provides thirty-nine beautifully designed healing cards to bring the very blueprint of joy, empowerment, and happiness back to your being. Developed by Derek O’Neill, these DNA activating images contain sacred geometry that heal from a cellular level to bring harmony to your whole self.



How It Works

Simply pose a question or ask for a message to begin your day and click ‘pick a card’. The app will present you with a beautiful image in response to your question. Absorb the energy of the image and then flip the card to receive your message. To receive further clarity, pose another question and repeat the process.

This app is a great tool to use if you are facing a challenging decision or whenever you wish to receive guidance or insight. By meditating on these images, you are activating positive change on all levels of your being as your subconscious recognizes and responds to the symbolism within the images.

Energetic Art

These shapes, symbols, colors and patterns are expansive to the mind and will bring about a sense of peace and well-being. Each image has “hidden secrets” embedded within them to enlighten aspects of your life that you may be unaware of. Secret images like these have been used in powerful initiation temples around the world. Now they are available to you, to help maximize your potential.


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