A Great Start to My New Radio Show!

Well my first show of “The Way” is ended. And yet it has just begun. It was great fun to feel the nerves for the first 5 or 10 minutes before I realized I was just talking to my friends again. And the feeling of just letting go and relaxing was amazing. Thank you all for supporting this work as I really believe there are many people who need to hear these question and answer sessions, as well as the techniques and tools that are being given freely to help bring back the magic, the love, and the harmony into the lives of many.

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In the first show “Mind, Magic and Transformation” we talked about how we tap into the magic of the mind in order to transform our lives. Our minds create our reality and everything about us. Talk to your mind as a best friend, and it will talk back to you as a best friend. Talk to your mind as an enemy and it will be your foe, blocking your way to a joyful life.

It is all about learning how to talk to your mind. Our subconscious is the 90% of our being that lies deep within, often controlling our lives, sometimes in a negative way, There are amazing yet simple exercises you can practice in order to get in touch with how events in your past could be affecting you now. You can transform negative beliefs you have developed over time into positive applications. So often our anger, fear, and feelings of self-worth are formed at this unconscious level. Once you learn to talk to your mind in a loving, supportive way, you stop acting from your unconscious and begin to live in a conscious state, creating a positive outlook that brings some control over your life, and they way you feel about it.

The key to The Magic of the Mind is that all your answers lie within. You know the truth on a very deep level about why you act the way you do. Who you are, what you are, and most of all, what it is you want to become, are questions you need to ask yourself. Once we understand how the Magic of the Mind works, and apply it our relationships, finances, happiness, and careers, our overall well-being will improve tremendously.

Be sure to tune in this coming Monday for another show, when I’ll go deeper into the way of the mind and how it can create a whole new experience of what we call life.