Derek launches new radio show on VoiceAmerica – “The Way with Derek O’Neill”

Exciting news!

On March 12th, 2012 Derek O’Neill will launch a radio show on the Variety Network of VoiceAmerica, the worlds biggest internet radio station. “The Way with Derek O’Neill” will air live on Monday mornings at 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern, and 4pm Ireland time beginning this Monday. Listening in will be like enjoying a cup of tea with your best friend who also happens to be very knowledgeable and wise, having studied ancient wisdom from both the East and the West. Derek uses the technique of the sword and brush, using the blade to cut away old patterns and the brush to help you paint the picture of the new life that you require.

With 30+ years of martial arts experience, Derek knows the exact timing for offense and defense, and exactly when to intervene and when to just listen. The subjects that will be addressed on the show will hit home for many listeners, helping them to transform and live more magical lives. Derek, who has been teaching packed houses of workshops all around the world, brings his unique skill to transform even the most complicated issues that people may have struggled with for most of their lives. Bringing these issues to conclusion for people is one of the greatest joys in Derek’s life.

“The Way with Derek O’Neill” will air every Monday at 9am PST beginning March 12th. For more information visit