Confucius says …


“It is startling to find that Chinese people’s feelings of well-being have declined in a period of such momentous improvement in their economic lives. After all, most policy makers would confidently predict that a fourfold increase in a people’s material living standard would make them considerably happier.” Richard A. Easterlin ,”When Growth Outpaces Happiness”  (

I see the Chinese have rediscovered one of their own proverbs: that materialistic wealth does not bring happiness. Scientists have measured that during the boom time in China, people generally got wealthier but their well-being and happiness was diminished. It is interesting to look at this scenario all over the world. For example, look at what happens to society just before the bust comes, like the Empire State Building being finished a year before the bust. The conference centers in Ireland being built just before the bust. And other famous buildings around the world being built … just before the bust. It is also interesting to note that the pastime that rises the most during boom times is golf, with clubs popping up all over the place, demanding extremely high membership costs. For as we know there is more business done and contracts exchanged on golf courses than there has ever been golf played. The golf membership – like the big house and the big car – are symbols of success but definitely, in the long run, not symbols for happiness.

So, live a simple life, and live happy.
Derek O’Neill