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Spiritual Psychotherapy
 with Dr. Gloria Waterhouse

listings-gloriawaterhouseOver the course of twenty-five years as a psychologist, I feel extremely privileged to participate in the spiritual journey of those who seek consultation. In my experience, it is often the most difficult of challenges that provide the greatest opportunity for renewal, reframing and ultimately, a profound understanding of one’s life purpose. My approach is always to know and to understand the individual as a whole so that, together, we can work toward deep healing  |  208-263-2040

Empowerment Sessions with Susie Connerley

listings-susiecBecause sometimes life gets tough. When you need help, for the luvva chocolate, get it! After years of studying energy and healing techniques, a degree in psychology and human behavior plus certifications in bodywork and communication, Susie created the business she was born to help people (like you!) with. In your one-on-one empowerment sessions, you’ll blast away negative perceptions & change your life while having fun and getting real.  To schedule your session:  |  |  562-444-8478

Donna Marie

rainbowNLP Wisdom offers compassionate self discovery sessions to help reveal root beliefs that are causing suffering with simple proven techniques.Through Neuro Linguistic Programming and intuitive guidance you achieve strength & insight for change & receive tools to empower yourself in any situation.Helps with addictions, dramas, traumas, emotions, etc. |  | 862-686-1372

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