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Intuitive Readings with the Earth Oracle

listings-sandraIntuitive Readings with the Earth Oracle, a Shamanic system for developing Intuition and learning more about the Earth and the animals. The readings that come through me are a healing also. They help you to get clearer on what lessons you are learning right now in situations in your life and how to move through them and remove the blocks to moving on. They are a clearing and a healing to gain more clarity in your life.  |  |  480-409-0706

Channeled Heart Healing with Kathleen Mulligan

listings-kathyMulA Channeled Heart Healing offers you a level of initiation in which you are being prepared for Mastery. The clearing that happens during a session opens your heart to your higher truth, while empowering you to speak your truth. The innate wisdom that is poured through helps you to connect to lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom which is all directed into this moment.  Divine guidance, deep healing and expansion of the heart are at the center of a Channeled Heart Healing. Kathleen Mulligan offers private in-person or phone sessions, as well as daily channels on her website.   |   |   917-544-1291

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