Celebrating The Holidays With Gratitude

Accept Things As They Are

This holiday season, instead of expressing gratitude for things people give us, have gratitude for just who they are and their existence. This idea allows us to accept all, detached from people’s actions and feelings. We cannot control others – only our attitude towards them. When we have gratitude for the way things are and not our desire that they be different, we are in a better place to change and grow.

Improving your situation cannot begin until you have gratitude for who and where you are in this moment. The same is true with the feelings that you have towards the people in your life. Every situation and person gives us an opportunity, whether it be gaining greater patience, more compassion and insight, or a broader perspective.

We are all connected and interdependent in a world where relationships between people are always changing.

When we fixate on any one moment in time, and decide that it is immobile, that is when our fear and misunderstanding can cause us great unhappiness. Gratitude that life is always moving, morphing and adjusting – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse – is at the heart of being human.

Gratitude and Abundance

Gratitude is directly related to abundance, and the way we define it. Abundance and lack are often misinterpreted and misapplied in our world. We think people, places and things will fill our emptiness. True abundance is an attitude of gratitude. The message out in the world is that there is never enough and that we need more, more, more of everything. This is our monkey minds speaking, full of desires, which once met only want more. Real stability, happiness and gratitude come from making a choice to live a more simple life. We should strive for the ability to just allow whatever is coming to us to come, and whatever is not meant for us to pass. We have to stop grasping onto things that lead to regret and suffering.

Giving Back

Giving back arises organically when you understand gratitude. It’s not an obligation that comes from outside of yourself, or from some societal pressure or the desire to ‘look good.’ That’s not pure gratitude. True gratitude is acknowledging that you are alive and you have something to give.

The gift of human experience is that you have the opportunity to be of service. Everyone has something that they can offer as a service, whether it’s a teaching, silence, or just being. Service should come with no strings attached. Have an attitude of gratitude that you can be of service. Gratitude inspires kindness. It flows from you to others when you give with conscious, respectful motivation.


Sending blessings of peace, harmony and joy this holiday season.