You’ve probably seen some of the numerous ads for prescription drugs on TV, touting the new wonder cure for every possible ailment under the sun. Drug manufacturers do what they can to trivialize the side-effects of prescription drugs, and their long lists have become a bit of a running joke for many of us… Read more »

Do you think about the company you keep? Not just your friends and co-workers, but the company of the thoughts within your mind that affect your life? On today’s “The Way” I talked about all the ways that the company you keep impacts how you feel about yourself, your mood, you outlook and the path… Read more »

  What an incredible show! Monday’s “The Way” looked at the real issues behind excess weight, and the emotional relationships to food. It’s very common for things to have happened in our childhoods that play a role our eating habits. How many of us had “Eat up, there are children starving in the world!” said… Read more »

  On yesterday’s “The Way with Derek O’Neill” I talked about self-suggestion – a tool that’s very easy to access and bring substantial change to your life. When we understand that tapping into our subconscious has unlimited potential, our happiness, health and general outlook about the world can shift into a much more positive realm…. Read more »

On today’s “The Way,” we looked at how pain tells us that something in our lives is out of alignment, that something is wrong. When we take notice of pain – listening to it and going deeper into our feelings and memories – we can begin the process of letting it go. Are there circumstances… Read more »

On today’s show “Color, Music and Stories Heal,” we explored the fascinating topic of how we are affected by these elements. They play an important role in the way we approach who we are, what we want, and how we surround ourselves with intention. Our consciousness is attuned to color, notes and words and they… Read more »

On today’s “The Way” – “Find You, Find Joy,” I had the opportunity to share a very important key to happiness and a joyful life. Do you know who you really are? Do you react to projections from other people, and the way that they view you? The influence of our experiences, especially in childhood,… Read more »

When we experience an outburst of anger, during an argument or as a reaction about something in our lives, that anger burns up energy. Since food gives us energy, we may very well be trying to replace that depleted strength when we overeat after an outburst. Could this be one of the emotional links between… Read more »

Well my first show of “The Way” is ended. And yet it has just begun. It was great fun to feel the nerves for the first 5 or 10 minutes before I realized I was just talking to my friends again. And the feeling of just letting go and relaxing was amazing. Thank you all… Read more »


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