Ancient Indian philosophy talks about Five Principles Of Spirituality. When we spend time contemplating each principle and applying it to a question or situation we are faced with, the power of these beautiful teachings starts to unfold. Read more »

IT IS UP TO US TO BE THE CHANGE This is the time in humanity’s history when everything is breaking down, and it’s breaking down because it wasn’t built on a solid foundation.  You see, for anything to stay standing it has to be built on the five values; love, truth, peace, non-violence and right… Read more »

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re given the opportunity to think about what role love plays in our lives, and in our world. There are certainly times when love seems like a challenge between partners, amongst family members, or on the global front. It’s important to remember that love is a force stronger than any strife… Read more »

  Holidays can bring out the best in us, but it’s also a time that’s often full of stress, emotional triggers, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Though one of the ways we show appreciation and gratitude for people is by giving them gifts, if we’re too focused on the acquiring of material “things” (and the… Read more »

  Whether we were directly affected by Hurricane Sandy, or experienced the effects through pictures, footage, and accounts of people on the ground, the vastness of this event has brought us a reminder of how we are all vulnerable, yet strong, when it comes to the pendulum of life. No one is immune to the… Read more »

  How do political candidates utilize the subconscious? Can the colors that the candidates wear during a debate, the choice of words they use in a speech, and even the direction they enter a room, have an effect on the way we end up feeling about them? Can it affect our vote? Beyond the positions… Read more »

  On “The Way” last Monday, we looked how to clear the clutter of old thought patterns, fear, distraction and general overload from our minds. As I have said many times before, your mind creates your reality, and the exchange of that energy can manifest or de-manifest the serenity, balance and happiness that you seek…. Read more »

  Image Source What is confidence?  How confident are you? Where does long-term confidence come from, as opposed the fleeting feeling of a temporary ego boost? We have all heard the saying, “Confidence is King!” so what does that mean for people who have little of it? Life can be a better experience with genuine… Read more »

  On this week’s “The Way,” I welcomed an extraordinary guest and friend, Assegid Negash, who is in charge of SQ Foundation’s work in Ethiopia. It was an absolutely fascinating and moving show, in which Assegid described what it was like coming to the West for the first time during a recent trip to Ireland…. Read more »


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