During last weeks show on “The Way” we looked at the important and urgent issue of bullying. Thankfully, bullying – and how to end it – is gaining widespread attention in our world. It’s a topic I’m passionate about. I bring my own experiences of being bullied as a child to address the subject, as… Read more »

This month, Derek O’Neill is featured on the cover of Exceptional People Magazine, the premier personal development and self-improvement magazine that provides inspiration, influence and wealth building strategies from today’s top leaders. Joining the ranks of First Lady Michelle Obama and Jack Canfield, both of whom have been featured in previous issues, Derek’s outstanding work… Read more »

Derek O’Neill is known by his friends, family and colleagues as one of the most humble and genuine people you will ever meet. Yet his extraordinary accomplishments are being acknowledged at the level of the most widely recognized celebrities in the world, including Simon Cowell, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Bob Hope, Sammy Davis Jr, Jerry… Read more »

As promised, I posted a new download to help you dream better. Called “Dream Enhancement and Remembrance” it’s a tool designed to help you learn more about yourself and your life through your dreams and dream interpretation. The mind is a powerful tool, and while your conscious mind helps you live and function well in… Read more »

On Sunday May 6th, 2012 I was humbled and honored to receive the 2012 International Humanitarian Award from Variety International, the Children’s Charity. Receiving this award has lifted our charity work to new heights. We are now recognized alongside great humanitarians who have earned the award in the past, including Sir Winston Churchill, Dr Henry… Read more »

On Sunday night I had the great privilege of receiving the 2012 Humanitarian Award from Variety International the Children’s Charity. What an honor to have shared the evening with so many great souls including Dr. Fin Breatnach and Caroline Downey Desmond, who also received recognition for their charity work. The speech that I gave received… Read more »

On today’s “The Way” we continued to talk about and analyze dreams. All the great calls and tweets, describing some fascinating dreams, gave me the opportunity to lend some interpretation that I hope you found insightful. If you missed the show, be sure to listen to it in the archives. We’ll plan to do some… Read more »

On today’s show, I shared some ideas and tools about how to tap into a wonderful source of support and spark for change – the heroes in your life. There are two types of hero – the person who comes along and helps you understand exactly what it is that you need to achieve your… Read more »


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