Candidates and the Sunconscious


How do political candidates utilize the subconscious?

Can the colors that the candidates wear during a debate, the choice of words they use in a speech, and even the direction they enter a room, have an effect on the way we end up feeling about them? Can it affect our vote? Beyond the positions and policies of a candidate, there is a powerful connection to the subconscious that is part of the process of persuasion. As we become more aware of this level of communication, and more sensitive as to how it can impact us, we will be better able to make informed choices based on ALL the information and images that we are exposed to daily, not just in political campaigns.

There’s a lot of great information out there about the role of the mind and the subconscious in daily life. Our connections and communication in personal, work and community situations are all affected by the words we use, our responses to interactions, the perspective we bring to those interactions, the way we “self-talk,” and our overall level of awareness. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of tools and techniques that encompass these ideas. I recently had the great pleasure of teaching a training course in NYC on the subject. It was an incredible time, and amazing learning experience for all! NLP is based on the core idea that if we change certain beliefs, programs, and strategies in our lives, we can change the energy and ecology we create around us. The result of this has a ripple effect in every aspect of life. NLP has been used very effectively in the business world, with sports teams, and in learning new parenting skills, along with many other areas of communication and realizing goals.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be bringing the NLP training program to Los Angeles this January. So mark your calendars and get ready – registration for the LA class will open soon!

Check back soon on the NLP page for the dates and details for the NLP training in January!

Derek O’Neill