Bring Abundance Into Your Life!


On this week’s “The Way,” we talked how to get to the root of welcoming abundance into our lives. It’s great subject that so many people grapple with, and your terrific calls and tweets offered me the chance to give some insight that I hoped proved helpful to you all.

The first step in releasing and allowing abundance is to look back at our childhoods and think about how the relationship to money was manifest in our homes. Was there a dynamic that laid the groundwork for what could be a block in your accepting and embracing abundance? Was there money in the family, but a lack of attention from a parent? Have you formed negative associations attached to the presence, or scarcity, of money in your early formative years? We need to understand these influences in order to let go of them.

Another factor in the role of abundance in our lives is how we let people to talk to us. Have you allowed your self-worth to be affected by put-downs? Your confidence level reflects in the abundance of all things in your life. Adopting a belief system, that raises your self-confidence, can eliminate the burden of these external factors.

When we understand the patterns that have been formed from the past, we can break the negative associations to abundance and begin to let all our potential flow. Allowing abundance means allowing love and a state of grace into your life. Accept the idea that you are able to receive, and that when you have more than you need you can give to others to improve the state of the world for all.

If you missed this show, you’ll find it posted soon on my DOWNLOADS PAGE. You’ll find an “abundance” of information and insight about abundance!

-Derek O’Neill