Breathe you will be given everything

Be aware of your breathing. Is it relaxed or hurried? Is it deep or shallow? When you don’t get enough oxygen your brain goes into survival mode, also called ‘Fight or Flight’. Your body’s physical reaction to lack of breath is fear. This fear will paralyze you or make you say and do things you would normally never consider. Taking deep and regular breaths will over-come this fear. Be conscious of your breathing as proper breaths help to balance and produce calmness and happiness.

What you think about while you breath is just as important as physically breathing. The best breath is called the ‘So Hum’ breath. When you breathe in, say to yourself ‘So’ and when you exhale think, ‘Hum’. So means ‘I am God’ and Hum means ‘I am not separate from God’. When we amplify the sound of our breath its actually what you hear, ‘Soooooo Huuummmm’ and there is the essence of truth.

When most people do a physical act they tighten their muscles. Masters loosen everything to do it. For example in the martial arts you have Tai Chi, which is done with the smallest amount of movement to get the biggest effect is all done by lifting air into the ‘nadies’, because when we breathe in air we also breathe in energy. When you are breathing properly you will fill yourself with Divine energy. Look after the body. It is the tabernacle, the holder of the divine and the temple. Remember the pinecone that releases the seed is as important a part of the picture as anything else. Look after it and keep breathing!

Love Love Love,



An excerpt from Chapter 13

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This book will bring you from doubt to proof that we are more than just what we see ourselves as. Reading about the extraordinary journeys of the people in this book will give you hope and comfort about your own ability to heal yourself and others. This book is an inner and outer journey of great benefit to all walks of life.