Living in truth requires continuous, deep honesty with self. This means acknowledging and being fully conscious of what you are experiencing in every moment. Truth demands you accept of ALL of who you are, even when ‘bad’ judgments about aspects of you arise. Read more »
What you think about while you breath is just as important as physically breathing. The best breath is called the ‘So Hum’ breath. When you breathe in, say to yourself ‘So’ and when you exhale think, ‘Hum’. So means ‘I am God’ and Hum means ‘I am not separate from God’.  Read more »
We must stay in a mindful, free-flowing state of awareness. When issues arise, it’s because they are attached to something that’s going on in your psyche. We tend to focus just on that problem instead of staying in a “whole picture” mindset. Though based on intensive focus, mindful meditation is about seeing things we may not notice in our usual hurried view. Read more »
Your thoughts are manifesting your world and any crap that is manifesting in front of you, you are doing. The you that I am writing to is the God that you are, but you just don’t know it yet; you just don’t believe it yet. Read more »
The Buddha then said these words, “ Events happen, deeds are done, there are consequences (that is called karma), there are no doers thereof.” There are no doers of the deeds; it is all God’s will. Read more »
This sacred symbol is vitally important for the Earth at this time as it can correct these imbalances. It all starts with us opening our hearts and allowing Divine Love to flow through us and into the world. Basically, when God gave me this symbol, he said, “I’m giving this symbol back to the world because it is time that love poured forth, back to all the places where love was locked out." Read more »
Every event that has ever happened in your life is stored away in the subconscious. Any fears we have regarding events that have transpired in our lives will also be rooted in the subconscious and can be triggered by some event, person or object we encounter, or are afraid we will encounter, in the now. Read more »
Do you talk about how stressed you are, but feel too overwhelmed to do anything about it? Is worry and exhaustion your constant companion? Is the stress in your life stressing you out? Read more »
If we want to find out about self-love, we have to begin the journey to self-knowledge. If we want to experience a happier life, it’s all about bringing ourselves to our higher nature. It is a journey to the higher self and there is one fuel that is going to get us there; and that fuel is passion. It is the passion to know who you are. Read more »
Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of people who don’t know how to set goals. You have to learn how to set goals properly and then how to energize that goal with the proper intent in order to give it the best opportunity to manifest. The first mistake that people make when they set their intentions is they usually set them on the basis of making someone else happy. It is not possible to make another person happy unless they choose to be happy. You cannot change a single thought in their head, so stop wasting your energy. Read more »


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