On today’s “The Way” – “Find You, Find Joy,” I had the opportunity to share a very important key to happiness and a joyful life. Do you know who you really are? Do you react to projections from other people, and the way that they view you? The influence of our experiences, especially in childhood,... Read more »
On today’s show, I shared some ideas and tools about how to tap into a wonderful source of support and spark for change – the heroes in your life. There are two types of hero – the person who comes along and helps you understand exactly what it is that you need to achieve your... Read more »
When we experience an outburst of anger, during an argument or as a reaction about something in our lives, that anger burns up energy. Since food gives us energy, we may very well be trying to replace that depleted strength when we overeat after an outburst. Could this be one of the emotional links between... Read more »
A great question was asked on today’s show about dreams:  “Is there a way to interpret the dreams on my own?” Here are 13 steps you can take to begin to do just that: What are the main points of the dream? What details seem significant? Why? What is the one sentence title of this... Read more »
I met Michael Flatley this week at his home in London. Not only did he open his home, but he opened his heart. He struck me as a very open and heart-filled man who has worked hard to get to the top of the world of dance. In his presence I never felt spoken to,... Read more »
If you missed today’s show, be sure to listen to the archives on my VoiceAmerica Channel site. “Don’t Wish, Make it Happen!” allowed for me to share about how to manifest what you want in your life. When you put energy into turning a wish into reality, you’ll be amazed at what happens. We often... Read more »
Once again, I had a terrific time sharing ideas and tools that can transform your life, releasing the abundant happiness you deserve. I am so grateful for all who tuned in, and look forward to each Monday when I have the incredible opportunity to speak to so many of you, listening from far and wide.... Read more »
The shooting of innocent civilians in Afghanistan by an American solider was a tragic and very sad event. It is also an opportunity for us to look deeper, to understand our fellow human beings, and feel compassion when we hear about something having gone so wrong out in the world. As an ex-solider myself. I... Read more »
Well my first show of “The Way” is ended. And yet it has just begun. It was great fun to feel the nerves for the first 5 or 10 minutes before I realized I was just talking to my friends again. And the feeling of just letting go and relaxing was amazing. Thank you all... Read more »


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