Image Source What is confidence?  How confident are you? Where does long-term confidence come from, as opposed the fleeting feeling of a temporary ego boost? We have all heard the saying, “Confidence is King!” so what does that mean for people who have little of it? Life can be a better experience with genuine... Read more »
  We are each on our own path, yet, in so many ways, we are all headed for the same destination – an understanding of who we are. What is your path? Do you feel that you are on the right road, or perhaps taking a detour to get where you need to be? On... Read more »
Last week, Derek O’Neill was honored with being named International Celebrity Ambassador for Variety International the Children’s Charity. This honor has been bestowed on very few individuals since 1928, including Princess Diana, Meryl Streep, Jim Carrey, Clint Eastwood, to name a few. This honor signifies the value and impact of Derek’s workshops, and the difference... Read more »
  On this week’s “The Way,” we talked how to get to the root of welcoming abundance into our lives. It’s great subject that so many people grapple with, and your terrific calls and tweets offered me the chance to give some insight that I hoped proved helpful to you all. The first step in... Read more »
  On this week’s “The Way,” I welcomed an extraordinary guest and friend, Assegid Negash, who is in charge of SQ Foundation’s work in Ethiopia. It was an absolutely fascinating and moving show, in which Assegid described what it was like coming to the West for the first time during a recent trip to Ireland.... Read more »
  You’ve probably seen some of the numerous ads for prescription drugs on TV, touting the new wonder cure for every possible ailment under the sun. Drug manufacturers do what they can to trivialize the side-effects of prescription drugs, and their long lists have become a bit of a running joke for many of us... Read more »
Do you think about the company you keep? Not just your friends and co-workers, but the company of the thoughts within your mind that affect your life? On today’s “The Way” I talked about all the ways that the company you keep impacts how you feel about yourself, your mood, you outlook and the path... Read more »
  What an incredible show! Monday’s “The Way” looked at the real issues behind excess weight, and the emotional relationships to food. It’s very common for things to have happened in our childhoods that play a role our eating habits. How many of us had “Eat up, there are children starving in the world!” said... Read more »


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