Due to the resounding success of “NLP and Beyond” in New York City, Derek O’Neill has decided to bring this empowering and enlightening course to Los Angeles in January 2013! “NLP and Beyond” is an exciting, 9-day course that brings NLP to a new level, and infuses the training with a insights into the origins... Read more »
Derek O’Neill has released a new addition to his Get a Grip series of pocket-sized books! RELATIONSHIPS – WOULD YOU WANT TO DATE YOU? addresses the key piece of information that most books and experts fail to tell you about relationships: Your relationship to everything in your life – your family, your co-workers, and even... Read more »
  November’s Discourse from Creacon Lodge (available for viewing here) took a lively and deep look at the subject of attitude and its enormous role in creating positive outlooks – and outcomes – in life. As I’ve written here, the recent storm and its far-reaching destruction has served as a source of reflection, empathy and... Read more »
  Whether we were directly affected by Hurricane Sandy, or experienced the effects through pictures, footage, and accounts of people on the ground, the vastness of this event has brought us a reminder of how we are all vulnerable, yet strong, when it comes to the pendulum of life. No one is immune to the... Read more »
  How do political candidates utilize the subconscious? Can the colors that the candidates wear during a debate, the choice of words they use in a speech, and even the direction they enter a room, have an effect on the way we end up feeling about them? Can it affect our vote? Beyond the positions... Read more »
  “It is startling to find that Chinese people’s feelings of well-being have declined in a period of such momentous improvement in their economic lives. After all, most policy makers would confidently predict that a fourfold increase in a people’s material living standard would make them considerably happier.” Richard A. Easterlin ,”When Growth Outpaces Happiness” ... Read more »
  On Monday’s “The Way,” I enjoyed a great conversation with my friend, Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW, an internationally recognized creative journalist, interviewer, author, speaker, licensed social worker, and interfaith minister. Edie shared wisdom about attaining bliss and living with grace. Her book, “The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into The Extraordinary,” offers... Read more »
  On “The Way” last Monday, we looked how to clear the clutter of old thought patterns, fear, distraction and general overload from our minds. As I have said many times before, your mind creates your reality, and the exchange of that energy can manifest or de-manifest the serenity, balance and happiness that you seek.... Read more »
  What is the mind-body connection? How does it work? How can we utilize it for ourselves, and the well-being of others? Our bodies are made up of a vast system of cells and neurotransmitters that are constantly making connections. These connections are set off by our thoughts, with the subconscious playing an important role.... Read more »
Derek now broadcasts his popular Creacon discourses live online from Ireland! If you missed his November 1st discourse, you can view the recorded video online today. If your mind is clear, calm, and has the ability to think rationally, you will get a positive outcome. Simple as that.  If your mind does the opposite of... Read more »


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