The amazing power of self-suggestion and hypnosis…


On yesterday’s “The Way with Derek O’Neill” I talked about self-suggestion – a tool that’s very easy to access and bring substantial change to your life. When we understand that tapping into our subconscious has unlimited potential, our happiness, health and general outlook about the world can shift into a much more positive realm.

I discussed how all hypnosis is really self-suggestion, at its core. It can be used by a therapist, or an entertainer, to bring out the all the messages that your subconscious has processed and believed. Self-suggestion, in the form of affirmations and relaxed meditations, can be implemented in order go into a deeper and heightened sense of awareness. Thoughts are suggestions and positive ones are going to affect you positively, just as negative thoughts will seep into the unconsciousness. Your mind says “yes” to everything. It is the way we talk to our mind that results in either a positive or negative outlook or result.

Try to speak to your mind in these kinds of words – “Everyday, in every way, I am becoming more happy” (or confident, healthy, or whatever issue you are struggling with.) Your mind believes what it is given, and negative thoughts will be taken as the truth, even if they have no basis in reality. If you can, take 5 minutes a day to go into a relaxed state and focus on a memory where you felt more positive, confident, or powerful. We are affected by everything that is around us – advertising , other people, and experiences, both old and new. If you become more aware of who you truly are, the more you can block out the negative suggestions that surround you.

Suggestion alone is not enough. Once you practice positive self-suggestion you have to back it up with action. Action leads to manifestation and the infinite ability to affect positive change in your life.

Hear about much more by tuning into the archives of “The Way” on my downloads page and listen to next week’s show when I’ll be talking about weight, why we hold it, and how to let it go. Until then, put the power of self-suggestion to use and share your experiences on twitter and my facebook page! I look forward to hearing from you.

– Derek