Attitude is everything … so what is yours?


November’s Discourse from Creacon Lodge (available for viewing here) took a lively and deep look at the subject of attitude and its enormous role in creating positive outlooks – and outcomes – in life. As I’ve written here, the recent storm and its far-reaching destruction has served as a source of reflection, empathy and gratitude for all of us. It’s also time to examine just what we mean by attitude, and how it affects the way we choose to live. We cannot control external events, but we can certainly change our mind and attitude.

During the session at Creacon, I spoke about three manifestations of positive attitude.  Finding clarity and calm is important as relates to the “attitude of the mind.” The mind-body connection plays out in the way you feel in your own skin. Affirmative body language, letting go of illness, and your overall physicality, are all at the core of the “attitude of the body.” Your cells send messages to one another. When you say, “I can’t,” your body says “that’s right.” When you say, “I can,” your body truly believes it! When we get in touch with the “attitude of the unconscious,” we can tap into underlying thoughts in our minds that keep us from positive thoughts and actions.

Turning a negative attitude into a positive attitude really takes very little effort. It’s all about your willingness. When our attitude is positive we are better able to give our gifts to the world… and the world will give us many gifts back!

If you’d like to watch the recorded session, and learn more, watch it here and enjoy!

Derek O’Neill