Ask yourself – Whose life are you living?


Though you might go about your life thinking you’re steering the controls, chances are there are other forces – that are not about who YOU really are, and can be – that are shaping your existence. During this month’s inspirational talk at Creacon Lodge I talked about empowering yourself so you can start living your own life.

We are driven by emotions, beliefs and needs. All three of these elements must be looked at and understood. What are the emotions behind your actions? What’s driving them? What are your beliefs and how to you come to them? Is your mind open to new beliefs if the old ones reveal that change is necessary? What are your needs and are you too attached to chasing things you don’t really require in order to be happy?

The state of your mind determines your reality. I talked about the effect of negative thoughts, heightened emotion and “learned helplessness.” When you begin to live your own life, you leave behind the voices from your past that defined you. When you can’t move forward there is conflict within you. Working though that conflict is the first step. The goal is to live “at cause,” which is a state of empowered belief. It’s when we live “at effect” that we are in a victim role which cuts us down and takes our power away.

As always, it was a great conversation at Creacon, full of insight and wonderful, thought-provoking questions by the participants. If you couldn’t join us during the live stream, the event is available here for download. Living your own life, and knowing how to get there, is essential for a happy, harmonious and productive future for all of us!

Derek O’Neill