Another Wonderful Chat on “The Way” Radio Show!

Once again, I had a terrific time sharing ideas and tools that can transform your life, releasing the abundant happiness you deserve. I am so grateful for all who tuned in, and look forward to each Monday when I have the incredible opportunity to speak to so many of you, listening from far and wide.

“The Mind Command Way” is a concept and technique that helps you gain control over your mind, casting off negative thinking, fear and feelings of low self-worth. The power of the unconscious mind is what keeps you safe, happy and effective in your life. Once we tap into the true state of our mind – which is wired for optimism and positivity – we’ll manifest happiness, confidence and a cheerful outlook. An open mind brings you joy. A closed mind brings you “cry.” If you don’t master your mind, it will master you.

Practicing positive reinforcement, such as just stating each morning “Every day, in every way, my life is getting better and happier,” can rewire your mind and manifest a fuller, more satisfying existence. Give your mind a new set of commands, and never say, “don’t.” Once you’ve learned to control your mind, your life is going to improve tremendously.

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