An enlightening look into the mind-body connection…


What is the mind-body connection? How does it work? How can we utilize it for ourselves, and the well-being of others?

Our bodies are made up of a vast system of cells and neurotransmitters that are constantly making connections. These connections are set off by our thoughts, with the subconscious playing an important role. Your mind has a huge effect on what is happening in your body and my discussion covered ways to control the cause and effect of the programing and memory that lies within you, on a deep cellular level.

How your inner voice speaks to you is a big part of tapping into a healthier mind-body connection. It’s not enough to state positive affirmations; you must believe what you say to yourself. Unconscious beliefs are more powerful and digging deeper, to discover why you may not feel positive about yourself, is so important. In the session, we talked about implementing the three “P”s when using self-speak – Be Positive, Be Precise and Be Pleased. The messages that are sent, from cell to cell, will tend to act on the negative first, so speaking to yourself in an affirming way is necessary to start that chain of positive affect!

Earlier this month, during my discourse at Creacon Lodge, I talked about other methods of accessing true change when it comes to the mind-body connection, including stepping back and observing what is going on around you, anchoring yourself to times of joyfulness and calm, knowing what you want and stating it clearly, and being open to learning new ways of thinking and belief.

There is nothing in your life that you cannot change. If you missed the broadcast, go to the Video Broadcast page and watch the discourse. It’s a great pleasure to share these teachings to help you rethink old patterns and achieve what you want.

Derek O’Neill