After the storm … The rainbow that connects us


Whether we were directly affected by Hurricane Sandy, or experienced the effects through pictures, footage, and accounts of people on the ground, the vastness of this event has brought us a reminder of how we are all vulnerable, yet strong, when it comes to the pendulum of life. No one is immune to the fact that we will be met with both good times and bad, along with challenges we could not have imagined. This is not only an opportunity for those of us who can help, physically or monetarily, but it’s also a time to remember that we can only control our attitude, our consciousness and our self-empowerment to carry-on when faced with adversity.

No matter how great or small a loss or change is in our life, the inner core of our being is unshakable. Things around us are always turning, shifting and transforming. It’s what remains standing, in terms of your own resolve and way of thinking, that’s important. Once the storm – both literally and symbolically – blows over and we deal with all that needs to be rebuilt, strengthened and supported, we can see the rainbow. That rainbow is the enduring beauty and love that will always return. It is borne of adversity. It’s the tough times that hold the most potential. We realize that we are all human, and that as humans none of us is protected from pain. We are also connected to, and dependent on, one another in all our relationships. Each and every one of us has a place on that rainbow.

Derek O’Neill