Addiction is just another word for desire…

What are the roots of addiction? How do we address the underlying issues that manifest into unhealthy patterns? What role does desire, unchecked, play in how we use and abuse certain substances, people, feelings or experiences? During my live broadcast from Ireland earlier this month, we discussed addictions and dug deep into why they are so prevalent and difficult to tackle.

Addictions are more common than not. Even if you think you don’t have one, chances are that there’s some aspect of life that you approach with a cycle of persistent, learned behavior that might be causing you – or people around you – problems. Addictions come in both physical and physiological forms that work via the two pathways in our brains based on reward and pleasure. Endorphins become stimulated again and again in an addiction, causing us to want more of what we think we need. During my talk, I explained the different kinds of addictive personalities, and emphasized that we are all susceptible to addictive patterns – It’s when we don’t deal with our issues, and turn them into negative expressions and actions, that they create difficulties.

Stress, environment, unresolved feelings, and jarring events can cause addictions. If you want to affect change in your life you must have the courage to look inside, find the sources of your addiction, acknowledge them, then find a new path. Reaching out and getting help is vital when an addiction is causing problems and unhappiness. You CAN have a better quality of life!

To view the recorded event, please click here. Facing addiction, and changing your life for the better, begins with understanding and self-compassion.

Derek O’Neill