A Meditation For Healing

Emotional Pain

Emotional pain serves as a message to stop, slow down, and look at the source of the hurt. Pain can obscure the reality that everything is changing all the time. Nothing is permanent. Though suffering will visit us time and again, knowing that the continuum of life is part of being alive reminds us that life is, indeed, worth living. When you clear the mind, you achieve a better sense of perspective about who you are, what you need, and how best to practice self-care. Self-care also means the ability to reach out to others for help if you need it.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Take two or three deep breaths. As you exhale on the third breath, close your eyes, relax, and let go. Switch off the world for the next ten to fifteen minutes.

The Meditation

Allow your mind to settle into a space of peace. Imagine that there is a gold orb of bright light – like a setting or rising sun – over your head. Feel its warmth. Picture the gold orb slowly drifting into your mind and resting there. After a while, it flows down from your head into your neck and throat, then begins to spread across your shoulders. The golden light feels warm and healing, eliminating any stress you are feeling.

Imagine the light rolling down your shoulders and into your arms, gently caressing, healing, smoothing, and relaxing all of your being. Feel it move into your elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers. From your shoulders, it begins to seep into your chest, eliminating the stress. The light now drifts down into your abdomen, comforting, calming, and caring for you. The warmth flows from your hips into the tops of your legs, and then from your legs down to your knees. Take your time to let it envelop you. There’s no rush. Let the light gently drift at its own pace, like honey dripping off a spoon.

Picture the light moving down your shins and calves into your ankles, then through your feet and toes. Think of the ground beneath you. The light is flowing through your being into Mother Earth. It carries away any fears, anxieties, or hurts that you may have experienced in your life, and transforms them into love and light.
As you continue to sit quiet, calm, and relaxed, imagine that two angels have just come and stood behind you. Think of them as guardian angels and trust that they are there, even if you have a hard time picturing what they look like. Ask for their help and guidance with the issues in your life. Know that these angels have, and always will be, around us, showing up from time to time in our lives as other beings. They may show up as people who care for us, or as friends. Imagine that these angels are asking the universe to allow you to feel at peace with yourself. Now, each of these angels begins to send gold light from their heart to your heart, taking away any sadness, fear, resentments, or disappointments that you may have experienced. Feel the weight of these emotions lifted off of your being.

In this state, you will come into a knowing and wise place that has always existed inside of you, previously concealed by pain. From this consciousness you can begin to apply the teaching that the best way to end trouble is to send love. If you are able, imagine that gold light moving from your heart to the people, situations, and experiences that you need to acknowledge or change. Let the light flow from you to them. If you find it difficult to send this loving gold light at this time, imagine the two angels are sending it for you on your behalf. Send it to people who might have hurt you in the past, people who don’t understand you, and send it forward to everyone, knowing that it will be there in the future when you need someone to help you. Send the loving light to the past, the present, the future – and all the people and situations that those times hold. Sit with this feeling of love and peace for a while, and then slowly open your eyes.

Give Away That Which You Want

They say that which you want the most you must give away. The teaching that springs from that idea tells you if you are searching for love, you must give love away. If you are looking for wealth, you must give wealth away. By releasing them you energize the circle of light, and that circle of light will always return to its source. What you give out is what you receive. When you sit in this meditation, remember that we can send peace and love to all beings in this world that are afraid or hurting. They can experience the happiness of oneness, the happiness that brings us together to learn from each other. When we come together we learn much more deeply than when we’re alone.

The Benefits of Meditation

Try to take some time out every day for meditation. If you have limited time, just sitting peacefully, lighting a candle, and watching it for five minutes can be of huge benefit to your overall well-being. We should always try to give ourselves something that costs nothing, and this is it! When you want to gain deeper insight about issues and problems in your life, sit still, close your eyes, then offer the question. Remain still, and let the quiet clarity come to you.

You have an amazing amount of wisdom built into your own system and psyche. Bliss lives within you. Know that part of that wisdom is also the ability to reach out for help when you need it.

Allow yourself to be valued and cared for. No matter what your problems or challenges, you are part of a loving universe.

Love, Love, Love, Derek.


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