A great conversation about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with Douglas King!


On yesterday’s “The Way,” I enjoyed speaking with Douglas King, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming expert who will be facilitating a training course with me in New York beginning September 28th. Douglas is a highly knowledgeable practitioner of NLP, a set of tools and techniques that uses your mind, your level of awareness, and the way you use language to bring great results, better communication and true transformation to your life. I was introduced to NPL fifteen years ago, and have found that many spiritual teachings are reflected in its basic premise of achieving new outcomes by working with consciousness.

Douglas lead us through the history of NLP and explained its major attributes of how changing attitudes of your mind, and bringing a different perspective to how we see various situations in our personal and work lives, can bring us back into alignment with who we really are. The way we self-talk, and talk to others, is layered with all the experiences and triggers we have built up over our lives. NLP strives to get us back to a place of the “blueprint” we were as young children. Anything we do in our lives can be broken down into steps and strategies. If we can change those strategies, there is a ripple effect in the energy we create around us, and the results we see in all that we do. NLP has been used very effectively in the business world, with sports teams, and in learning new parenting skills, along with many, many other areas of interaction and goal attainment.

If you are able to attend what I’m sure will prove to be an amazing course on NLP in NY beginning on the 28th of September, please go to the “NLP” section of this website and learn more about registering for the nine days of live training, which result in NLP certification. If you are a healing practitioner (therapist, acupuncturist, energy healer, etc.) integrating NLP into your work will lift your practice and clients to a whole new level. And if you can’t attend, please look into Neuro-Linguistic Programming on the web to learn more about this fascinating subject. Everyone can benefit from it!

Many thanks to Douglas King for joining me on the “The Way.” If you missed the show, tune into the archives here!

Derek O’Neill