A Consciousness of Abundance


Authentic abundance comes when you have balanced everything in your life, as best as you can. That includes giving away what you have too much of. If you have a lot of love but not enough money, what should you give away? Love. Do you have more money than some other things in life? Give away some money! Money is blocked by fear. It takes courage and love to give AND to receive. It is all about balance. The things that you want in your life, you must first give away. If you give more hugs, you will get more kisses! You have to break the fear – that is what is causing the lack. Self-sabotage happens when you have too much of something and you become complacent, disconnected, and sometimes even greedy.

Your mind is speaking to you continuously. Abundance mentality is the voice in your head that says there is opportunity for you, that you can always start fresh, and that there are as many chances for change as there are days in your life. You may think that looking at the world with abundance mentality is avoiding the truth of suffering and real, sometimes insurmountable, problems. In fact, embracing abundance is recognition of reality – the good, the bad and everything in-between. It is the abundance of experience, the abundance of situations, the abundance of human possibility. It is important to understand the difference between abundance mentality, and a scarcity mentality. If you adopt an abundance mentality the lens through which you see the world is much clearer and brighter. Though you may find it difficult to summon up the idea that there is unlimited possibility for you in the world, especially when you are facing huge challenges. The alternative – to live with a scarcity mentality – will only produce more anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem. Thinking you don’t have enough becomes equated with the feeling that YOU are “not enough.”

You have to be open to abundance. An abundant life doesn’t magically happen by shifting your perspective, but what does happen is that you begin to notice good things and see the possibilities around you. When you’re in a scarcity mentality you miss them. Once you notice abundance, it starts connecting in your life. You act on making things happen for yourself and you find a path to follow to get where you want to go. If you live under a cloud of lack, you might give up on yourself before you’ve even tried. You can’t affect real transformation in your life, or the lives of others who need help, from a mentality of scarcity. If you operate from a state of lack, you only see the complications and barriers. Well, no doubt, there are heavy obstacles out there, but so many of them can be moved if you start from a consciousness of abundance!

Love, Love, Love



In the book ‘Abundance’ from the Get a Grip series, it is my hope that you’ll find the key to unlock the negative mindsets, misguided resignation, and past hurts, all of which might be impeding abundance. When you look at abundance with new meaning, and discover it inside yourself, there’s no limitation on the extraordinary life that you can experience.