New Book: Stop The Struggle

As human beings, we are attracted to pleasure and averted by pain. We avoid looking at past events to protect ourselves from the pain of self-analysis, yet we struggle to find lasting happiness. When we recognize that we cannot control everything, we begin to ‘stop the struggle’. When we realize that we can control our reaction to negative events in our lives, we become empowered. Read more »

Judgment Stops When Truth is Present

Everyone struggles between awareness and judgment. Awareness just is. Awareness and judgment are a double-edged sword with an extraordinarily sharp blade. The way to know the difference between the two is to… Read more »

Helping People Through Death and Dying

As a way to help make the Tibetan Wheel of Life teaching more accessible, I have created a free little booklet. My hope is that these teachings and wisdom about impermanence can be a source of comfort.  Read more »

May Scholarship Application

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE APPLICATION FORM Please note: All funds have been allocated for the May workshop, thank you for your requests.  Scholarships recognize those with a true desire to step up in their life and may also take into account social participation, community service, volunteer work and other qualities. If you would like financial assistance towards… Read more »


Emotional Freedom Technique Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is rooted in Chinese Medicine. Tapping with fingertips on the 14 energy pathways puts kinetic energy into our body and is based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture. Become familiar with the different tapping points in the chart below. Tapping is done lightly with either… Read more »


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