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Wellness Workshop

Insightful. Motivational. Transformative Originally inspired by the bestselling book and movie Mum’s List, a heart-wrenching true story of Singe and Kate Greene’s […]


Premapranahuti Manifestation by Action and the 8 Fold Path Premapranahuti represents the buddhist teachings of the 8 fold path, where happiness, […]

Rising Star Healing System

Rising Star Treatments REPRESENTS THE ENERGY OF THE SUN Science has proven that everything is energy. With humans and animals, energy fields operate […]

Prema Birthing Healing System

Prema Birthing Treatments REPLACE NEGATIVE PATTERNS WITH LIFE SUPPORTING GOALS Each of us is born with a set of circumstances that creates our experiences. […]

Prema Agni Healing System

Prema Agni Treatments REPRESENTS THE UNIFICATION OF PEACE The Prema Agni offers a powerful energy treatment by simply drawing it on the […]


What is Energy Therapy? Everything is made of energy and when our energy fields are operating optimally they vibrate at a certain rate. When […]


Treatments & Workshops Looking For A Rising Star, Prema Birthing Or workshop?  Or read our FAQ for support. Contact us Please use […]

About Derek

Spiritual Teacher, Humanitarian, Wellness Expert Fondly referred to as the Celtic Sage, Irish-born spiritual teacher Derek O’Neill inspires and uplifts people from […]