“Once you have come to understand the true meaning of happiness, all of the things that you desire will no longer be important.”

The Vibration of Unhappiness

Saturday April 22, 2017 | 4:30PM GMT (11:30AM Eastern / 8:30AM Pacific)

Attend in person at Creacon Wellness Retreat or join remotely via livestream.

Tickets: €20 at the door or $25 livestream.


Pay Per View Streaming

To join via livestream, click the white box where the price is listed and follow the payment directions. Click WATCH NOW when the event is live (see the time above, you will not see any video until the event is live). The WATCH LATER button removes the thank you message. If you pre-purchase, you can login when returning to this page to watch. Please note, this is a livestream login, not your derekoneill account. If you have trouble loading the video, please close your browser and try again.



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