Its not about pretending to feel thrilled that your baby is up again at night or happy when you’re experiencing sadness as a new Mom or a new situation; on the contrary its about acknowledging that you’re frustrated, sad or anxious and then allowing those feelings to express.  Read more »

Every event that has ever happened in your life is stored away in the subconscious. Any fears we have regarding events that have transpired in our lives will also be rooted in the subconscious and can be triggered by some event, person or object we encounter, or are afraid we will encounter, in the now. Read more »

All four of the GET A GRIP series of helpful books on individual topics are now available in print! These books offer an all-encompassing and unique range of wisdom on these emotions that make up the fabric of our lives. Order your bundle today! Pocket-sized, accessible and to-the-point, the GET A GRIP books are easily… Read more »

Due to the resounding success of “NLP and Beyond” in New York City, Derek O’Neill has decided to bring this empowering and enlightening course to Los Angeles in January 2013! “NLP and Beyond” is an exciting, 9-day course that brings NLP to a new level, and infuses the training with a insights into the origins… Read more »

Derek O’Neill has released a new addition to his Get a Grip series of pocket-sized books! RELATIONSHIPS – WOULD YOU WANT TO DATE YOU? addresses the key piece of information that most books and experts fail to tell you about relationships: Your relationship to everything in your life – your family, your co-workers, and even… Read more »

Derek now broadcasts his popular Creacon discourses live online from Ireland! If you missed his November 1st discourse, you can view the recorded video online today. If your mind is clear, calm, and has the ability to think rationally, you will get a positive outcome. Simple as that.  If your mind does the opposite of… Read more »

Last week, Derek O’Neill was honored with being named International Celebrity Ambassador for Variety International the Children’s Charity. This honor has been bestowed on very few individuals since 1928, including Princess Diana, Meryl Streep, Jim Carrey, Clint Eastwood, to name a few. This honor signifies the value and impact of Derek’s workshops, and the difference… Read more »

Derek O’Neill has released the first 2 books in his “Get a Grip” series. “Anger” and “Happiness” are easy read, pocket-sized books that offer new perspectives and advice for recognizing and managing our very human emotions, things we all deal with on a daily basis. NY Times Bestselling Author Paul Perry says of the books,… Read more »

This month, Derek O’Neill is featured on the cover of Exceptional People Magazine, the premier personal development and self-improvement magazine that provides inspiration, influence and wealth building strategies from today’s top leaders. Joining the ranks of First Lady Michelle Obama and Jack Canfield, both of whom have been featured in previous issues, Derek’s outstanding work… Read more »


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